I am a happy person!  No, really, I am!  Some would even call me goofy!

If you asked my husband, he would tell you that there was one thing he really loved about me when he met me, and that was my desire to give people a reason to smile!  But somehow, in the craziness of getting married, building a family, and moving twice, I feared that my ability to find a reason to make people happy was gone.  Or at least benched.

And so I have tried to remember that every day is an opportunity to give back to others.  Not monetarily, not even by anything tangible, but by using words.

My neighbor has been having a rough time.  She is under a lot of pressure at work and having some issues with her 12 year old son.  The last time I talked to her, she seemed really down and out and I wished I could sweep her up, take her to dinner, and listen to her problems all night.  But I could not, and she probably would have felt uncomfortable if I did.  So, I took 10 minutes on Saturday morning, walked over with nothing to give, knocked on her door, and just gave her a hug.  No words, no reasons, I just did.

And she smiled.  And understood that this was a gesture meant to let her know I cared.  And that made her happy!  And it was so very simple!

Later, at the store, as I rushed around with my coupons and hunted for the best money – saving deals, I passed a woman and her daughter.  I almost collided with her daughter and in my attempt to stop, caused my bread to fly off of my cart.  The daughter picked it up and I thanked her.  I hear her mother say, “That was so nice, Sarah.”

I told her that Sarah was my daughter’s name and she smiled.  She asked if it was with and “h” or without.  I said with and she said. “Mine too”!

And I said, “Well, I hope my Sarah grows up to be as beautiful and kind as you are!”

And I meant it.

And she knew it.  And I know I made her blush because she ducked her head and mumbled, embarrassed but proud, “thank you.”   And then her mother thanked me too.

So all three of us were happy.  It took no time, no money, and no effort on my part to tell the truth.  But I bet she walked on clouds the rest of the day.  And that is true happiness!

In this day and age, with a failing economy, political debate, and the lack of appreciation of thy neighbor, words carry more weight than ever.  And I am finding that words are, indeed, the one thing I can give everyone.

And so I continue on my path of spreading happiness by the sound of my own voice!  Luckily, I happen to love to talk, so it is a happiness booster all around!

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