My kids are about to have a four day weekend. The weather is awesome, I have coloring books galore… but we all know that kids get bored five minutes after we give them something to do. I, for one, would like them to be using their creativity instead of sitting in front of a television set. This fun and easy Easter and/ or springtime craft kept my kids occupied for a long time! They loved it! So I thought I would share the Hanging Springtime Craft with you!

Hanging Springtime CraftNow, you guys are probably a lot more crafty than I am but I really love this idea. Our crafts are hanging in the house and the kids talk about them and want to do them again. So we will.. because it is fun!

Here is what you need

Construction Paper


Puffy Glitter Paint

Colored Pencils

Cookie Cutters


Glue sticks

Stickers and anything else you want to decorate with

Hanging Springtime Craft

Here is h0w you do it

Have the kids pick out the colors from construction paper that they want. Have them choose their cookie cutter and trace it with the colored pencils onto the paper. Using kids safe scissors, have them cut out the shapes along the lines. Once done, let them decorate the eggs, butterflied, flowers and more with the glitter paint, markers and stickers.

Once their craft parts dry, cut a piece of colored ribbon as long as you need it to fit as many little crafts as they did. I did 3 crafts per ribbon. Use the glue sticks to adhere the crafts, spacing them evenly, on the ribbon.

For the ‘hook’, fold the top of the ribbon over to create a loop. Use the glue stick to adhere it to the back.

Let the entire craft dry for a few hours and then it is ready to hang!

Hanging Springtime Craft

Anything that gets my kids creating and imaging is good with me! This craft is a great way to have them use their hands and creativity to make something fun!

How would you do this craft? Any ideas to improve it are welcome!

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