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I can feel it. The undeniable Springtime weather that brings bike riding, late evening chats in the driveway with the neighbors and Easter. The pinnacle of family, love and renewed hope for the year comes with smiles, chocolate and a bunny leaving colored eggs on the lawn. But what if you can’t be with the ones your love. Or if you are, but want something just a little more unique or special to show them how much you appreciate them bandaging your kids knee when they fall of their bike? Cards, the ones you go to the store and purchase with just that person in mind, are an easy and inexpensive way to spread Easter cheer to everyone you know! When you purchase Hallmark Value Cards at Walmart, you can save even more and share your Easter wishes with anyone you want. AND, to sweeten the pot, sign up for Hallmark Card Rewards and earn rewards towards cards and other Hallmark merchandise. Signing up is free and for every 5 cards, you get a point!

Hallmark Value Cards for Easter #EasterValue  #shopI went to Walmart and purchased 6 Hallmark cards on the Value aisle. All of my cards were $.97 which is totally affordable! I got some for my daughter’s for their Easter baskets and one for my parents. But I really wanted to do something special for my neighbors. They are always here for me and I can not thank them enough!

Hallmark Value Cards for Easter #EasterValue  #shop

I browsed through Walmart and found some adorable Easter baskets, some candy to stuff in them, a sweet little faux egg and flower decoration they can sit in their house and a set of egg candles for each of them. Once that was done, I decided my kids could get involved.

Hallmark Value Cards for Easter #EasterValue #shop

When I got home I put my kids to work creating some artwork to go inside the cards. I wanted a personal touch and the girls are always wanting to share their love to them too. They made the sweetest pictures and we placed them inside the Hallmark cards and then into the baskets! The cards were so pretty that we did not even put them in their envelopes!

Hallmark Value Cards for Easter #EasterValue  #shop

The girls walked over and put each basket at the neighbors doors. When they got home, my phone exploded with thank you’s and we love them from my neighbors! The kids were so excited to see the text messages and I think my neighbors were pretty happy to get a pre-Easter treat!

Hallmark Value Cards for Easter #EasterValue  #shop

It does not take much to make someone’s day. Less than $1 with Hallmark Value cards and a some imagination and heartfelt appreciation pretty much does it! When was the last time you bought a card for someone? What was the occasion?

Hallmark Value Cards for Easter #EasterValue  #shop

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