Does your daughter love for you to do her hair in cute ponytails or have it swept up with a beautiful barrette?  I know mine does.  But you know, when I go shopping in the big box stores, it seems as though their hair clips and hair accessories are all the same.  Sure, they may be colorful, but that’s about it.  No frilly flowers or soft lace to make your daughter’s hairdo really stand out!

Andrea's Beau Collage

With Andrea’s Beau Hair Accessories, you are sure to find any hair accessory imaginable that will suit your little girl’s style!  What I love about their site and products is, that you can find anything your heart desires!  There are beautifully colored headbands, individually or in sets, head clips, hair wraps and even items for special occasions, such as first communion or walking down the aisle as a flower girl.

Andrea's Beau 6

My daughter could not wait to wear the hair clips!  Her favorite color is pink, so naturally, she chose to wear the pink flower first.  I loved how cute it looked in her hair.  But more importantly, I loved how well it stayed in place.  Even with the fact that she has very fine hair, it clipped right on with no problem and did not slide around, causing me to have to redo her hair multiple times.  I love that!  With an active preschooler, I need her hair to stay out of her face and eyes with items that will do their job, as these hair accessories did.  Once I had these in hand, I could tell they were made with great fabrics and that the time was taken to ensure beauty and quality would be delivered.

Andrea’s Beau Hair Accessories is offering A Day in Motherhood readers a discount of 15% valid through 9/22/14 by using code MOTHERHOOD15.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

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