I believe every little girl has had a fantasy about becoming a mermaid (come ‘on people, I know I’m not alone). Every time I swam in the pool I pretended I was going to go off and start a new life, and wear cute seashell tops, and my hair would always look awesome wet. Well, one day I had to give up this fantasy (unless I wanted to be committed). However, the best part about having a child is that you get to live out all of your childhood dreams, with your kid!

H2O: The Complete Season

I was so excited to have the privilege of reviewing the Australian hit show (created by Jonathan M. Shiff) H2O: Just Add Water. We follow three teenage girls, day after day, as they live out their typical tribulations. However, their tribulations become anything but “typical” when they undergo an accidental transformation that turns them into mermaids, seconds within their skin coming in contact with water.

See an awesome clip below:

We follow Cleo, Emma, and Rikki as they experience embarrassing situations, sibling drama, as well as your standard bullying. These ladies also had something else going for them: each has a different power over water. My six year old daughter, Ava, and I would cheer at how these endearing “mer-teens” (do you like that term? I made it up) would heroically risk exposing their secret in order to bring justice to the bullies.


Even though I’m sure this show is aimed at a slightly older demographic (tween-age) than my daughter, she is six going on sixteen and we both enjoyed our girl time together J She is already bugging me to run out and get the next season!

Check out the entire series and fall in love with H2O!  And for (3) three of my lucky readers will win a complete season  of the DVD!  One will win Season 1, one season 2 and one season 3 in the order they are drawn! Just enter on the form below and GOOD LUCK!

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H2O: Just Add Water DVD