*Sometimes someone approaches me with a guest post that I just have to know more about.  As a busy mom, I have always thought of making more and freezing foods.  But I had a lot of questions. Well, this guest post below by one of my readers, Kim, has put my questions to rest!  I hope she helps you too!*

Hi. My name is Kim. I’m a busy mom of 3. And I’m a freezer meal addict.

I use to be afraid of freezing meals…Thought it’d be too much work… but then I learned how EASY IT IS! And I’d love to share some tips that will have you freezing meals TONIGHT!


* saves money, I can buy in bulk

* it’s healthier – no preservatives & I can control portion size
* it makes dinner time a cinch!

* I get homemade dinners without cooking every day!
* I have fewer pots & pans to clean – woo hoo!TIPS FOR FREEZING MEALS:

* If you’re making something that will freeze well (most things will!), then double your recipe and freeze half of it. (think meatballs, meatloaf, lasagna, soup, taco meat, BBQ, etc.) What freezes well? How should you freeze it? Find a great list, with easy “how-to”s over at Freezer Cooking Club

Use good freezer bags. Cheap bags leave a plasticy taste, and rip easily. Ziploc has yet to fail me. And bags work for almost everything,even casseroles!

Start a Freezer Cooking Club. Everything’s always more fun with friends :)  Find 5 friends. Each friend makes one meal, six times. Then you swap. You’ll end up with 6 different meals for the time it took to cook just one! And you’ll get added variety to your meal schedule!


* Ask your facebook friends, or moms in your church/sports group. You’ll be surprised how many moms would like to try it once you mention it!
* Set some guidelines. Like budget, and how many minimum servings each meal should have? Be sure to talk about food preferences, too.My group has 6 moms, and the largest family is 6 members. So we each make 6 meals, that serve 6+ people. Our budget is $8/meal. Some groups set higher or lower budgets depending on their group’s food preferences.

* Set a date for your first swap. Bring multiples of the same meal to trade (6 moms = bringing 5 meals, since you keep one for yourself).

* Share your recipes ahead of time so not everyone makes the same thing. My club votes on next months recipes at every swap.

* For more tips & recipes, visit FREEZER COOKING CLUB.

What are you waiting for? Go change your facebook status to ask friends about being in a monthly freezer club together! And “like” this post to help get the word out. Go be supermom :)