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When I was first approached with the idea of this Guest Post, I was not sure it would be a good fit for my blog.  But as the Author, Erin, and I talked more about it, I realized that I, myself, needed to take a look at my own bras!  Surely I could not be the only one!  Three babies and three plus years of breastfeeding have done me no favors in the ‘perky’ department!  So take a moment to read these fantastic tips to bring the girls back to their former glory… as best you can!


The True Definition of Pregnancy – The carrying of one or more children for what seemingly feels like the longest 10 months of your life only to end with you looking in the mirror and asking yourself, “Who is that looking back at me?”  Let’s add a year of breastfeeding to that and what you end up with is a body that has seen better days and boobs that look like flattened pancakes.  You can head to the gym and tighten up the abs but there isn’t a whole lot you can do about your breast size after having a baby attached to them for so long.

Your breasts are undoubtedly the biggest change you’ll notice in your post pregnancy body.  They go through so many different sizes.  You may start your pregnancy at a 36B, during the pregnancy you jump up to a 36C, right after giving birth you hit an all time high of 38D and then after breastfeeding for a few months you fall back to a 36A.  If you think this is extreme just ask any woman you know and you will hear stories like this over and over again.

Finding a post-breastfeeding bra is the perfect way to instill confidence again in your body, allow you to show your sexier side again so you are not just “the mom,” and finally, it allows you to once again celebrate your body as the attractive, life giving, beautiful thing that it is.

Let’s Start Shopping

From the time you start to wean your baby from your breast, it can take up to 6 months to “settle in” on a breast size.  During this time you may still go through some size changes so it is essential that you not only wait for the milk ducts to completely dry up but you wait for your breasts to gain their elasticity and definition again.  Then, the most important part, find a babysitter or leave the baby at home with dad, call a girlfriend and head to the fanciest department store or specialty lingerie shop you can find so that you can go bra shopping!

Most department stores offer professional bra fitting by an experienced fitter, but call ahead to make sure in case you need to make an appointment.  You MUST get a professional fitting done after breastfeeding to ensure a proper fit over your essentially new breasts.  Stay away from your typical bra and panties chain stores as they tend to use regular associates to fit you rather than trained professionals.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Bra

Now that you are out of bras with flaps you need to focus on finding bras that enhance your breasts and make them look better than ever.  Here are some great tips to do just that:

  • Buy a bra that is a little snug at first so that it has room to expand a bit as it gets looser.  Lycra is an excellent fabric because not only is it breathable but it also has the ability to return to the original shape after being worn and stretched.
  • Structured cups such as Push-Up bras are excellent for all shapes of women but especially those who have recently had children because they are supportive and allow for a perkier look in the breasts.
  • Go for a bra that you haven’t ever worn.  This is a new time in your life and you need to reflect that even in the undergarments you choose.  If you have always worn 18-hour Playtex bras for instance, why don’t you try brands that are a little more sensual or daring such as Fantasie, Le Mystere, Prima Donna, or Chantelle.
  • If you are still not at the pre-pregnancy weight that you want to be at, keep in mind that women need to measure for their bra size with every 10 pounds of body fat they lose.
  • All bras have “sister sizes” which means that while you may wear a 36C bra most of the time, sometimes a 34D or a 38B will fit you better in a particular brand or style.  If your usual size doesn’t seem to fit right, you can go up or down a band size while at the same time going up or down in the cup size.

Breastfeeding doesn’t have to mean the end of your breasts; it is merely a beginning to your new body.  So embrace it and enjoy!