Get ready to dance and sing and laugh out loud with your kids as you fall in beat with The Pop Ups!  In their sophomore effort, The Pop Ups excel at making you want to “Pop Up’ and dance right along with your kids – of ANY age – in Radio Jungle!

Coming April 3, 2012, the Brooklyn duo who makes up The Pop Ups have something truly unique to offer in the sometimes typical children’s music genre.  The music is clear, clean, entertaining and whimsical.  The sings are descriptive, easy to understand and catchy in a “there is always something new to hear” kind of way!

I get some jazz, some pop, some folk, some everything in this CD.  My kids get imaginative stories about Bananas and Elephants.  They get to Connect the Stars (LOVE this song!) and do some Math Rock!  Pop Up City, Box of Crayons (my daughter the artist loves this one) and Feelings Change are among the “play it again, Mom” set.  The Bat, Best Fruit and Color Wheel round out – what is now -the ONLY CD my kids want to listen to in the car!

Bring your kids into the the new style of learning and fun with the most unique CD I have heard yet as a mother.  There is a reason that The Pop Ups first album, Outside Voices, received the National Association of Parenting Publication Award and was on the ballot to be nominated for a Grammy – a very difficult task in a crowded children’s entertainment market!

And word on the street is that this album, Radio Jungle, surpasses the expectations set by the first!   But don’t take my word for it…  listen to this track at and tell me that you will not be stalking the site waiting to get your copy on April 3, 2012!

You will be surprised from the very first note at how much YOU like Radio Jungle and will have too remind yourself time and again that it is a children’s CD.

And I am so EXCITED to announce that one (1) of my readers will have the opportunity to WIN a copy of Radio Jungle now!  Just click [continue reading] for easy Rafflecopter entry:

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