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Green Mountain Coffee has always been a leader in specialty coffee making. As the owner of the innovative Keurig® brewing technology, they are always looking to make products that we all love. They are also the world’s largest purchaser of Fair Trade Certified™ coffee.  A purchase of Fair Trade Coffee helps growers receive a fair price on their beans, which helps us get the amazing coffee we all deserve!

fair trade coffee

I have Green Mountain in my K-cup collection so I am excited to see the NEW Three Continent Blend on shelves now!

Three Continent Blend unites the flavors and aromas of South America, Africa and Asia, resulting in a complex and refined cup of coffee while delivering on the brand’s commitment to Fair Trade.

  •  Sumatran beans from Asia provide a lush, hearty body
  •  South American beans offer smooth and balanced fruity flavors
  •  Ethiopian beans account for the unmistakable floral finish

Three Continent Blend expands Green Mountain Coffee’s offerings of Fair Trade Certified coffees.  Which is a great thing! Three Continent Blend elevates the coffee experience through its rich layers of taste and balance of flavors.

The new blend is Fair Trade Certified. By purchasing Fair Trade Certified™ Three Continent Blend, people help coffee farmers receive a fair price for their beans, which means a great cup of coffee, and a better quality of life in coffee-farming communities. Now, we all know we want a better cup of coffee. So we can do our part by purchasing Fair Trade Coffee!

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