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Check out this easy glitter wine glasses! So fun! #ShareWine ad

There is nothing better than taking some time for you and your friends. Sure, we are all busy with kids and schedules and life in general. But nothing recharges a lady more than a relaxing day or evening with her best girlfriends. I would venture to say that I have some of the best friends on the planet. I am sure you see them on Instagram when I am out and about with them. But one of our absolutely favorite things to do together is to sit around outside, enjoying the warm but breezy Texas nights, enjoying glasses of quality wine. During the summer in Texas, evening is about the only time you can be outside. But in the fall, with the cooler air around us, taking a weekend girl’s trip and just relaxing outside, laughing and talking about life, is our favorite thing to do! This year, I will have Mark West Stackable Wines in tow to make our trip a little more fun! To add to the fun, I used the individual serving glasses that come with it to make Glitter Wine Glasses to glam up our future get togethers!

Mark West Stackables are perfect for Glitter Wine Glasses! #ShareWine ad

Wandering through the store the other day, planning an evening meet up with my friends, I saw this oddly shaped wine bottle on the shelf. The brand is a Texas name I trust.. Mark West, but the stackable wine glass packaging was new to me! As soon as I picked it up and saw what it was I thought GENIUS!

Just peel to unstack & use the empty glasses for glitter wine glasses! #ShareWine ad

How many times have you gotten somewhere and forgotten the wine opener? How many times have you had to pack carefully so you did not break the glass of the wine bottle? How many times has the plastic cup in the hotel room been your wine glass? Well Mark West Stackable wines resolves ALL of those issues and gives you the cutest little plastic wine glasses that are perfect for making my Glitter Wine Glasses!

Unstack and drink then make Glitter wine glasses! #ShareWine ad

Mark West Stackable Wines feature 4 plastic, one serving, easy to open glasses that are lightweight and harder to break than glass. Just peel off the label, unstack them , peel off the covers and drink! No wine opener, no ‘careful it’s glass’ packing, no looking for glasses! These are perfect for those lazy nights relaxing with friends! They are also great for people like me who may want one glass this week and one next week. I don’t have to waste a whole bottle to get one glass!

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Plus, let’s face it, Mark West wine is just good. The wine has been around since 1978 and has devoted its winemaking passion and expertise toward mastering a single grape varietal—artfully crafted, balanced Pinot Noir. The Burgundian styled California Pinot Noir is crafted to be balanced, versatile and approachable. I have loved it for years. They are totally devoted to making exceptional Pinot Noir. The new Stackable wine variety offers the same rich flavor and freshness in every serving that the bottles do!

Create glitter wine glasses for a fun night with friends! #ShareWine ad

After my friends and I enjoyed our delicious, high quality Mark West Pinot Noir wine, I collected the plastic glasses for my Glitter Wine Glasses. I love that these are recyclable into a fun craft! After all, why throw away these super cute glasses?

Easy Glitter Wine Glasses are perfect for recycling Mark West Stackables. #ShareWine ad

The tutorial is so easy. The hardest part is waiting on the Mod Podge to dry, to be honest.

Glitter Wine Glasses Tutorial

Here is what you need!

Items needed for glitter wine glasses craft! #ShareWine ad

4 plastic, one-serving glasses from Mark West Stackable Pinot Noir wine (you can use this same technique on any wine glass or mason jar)

Mod Podge adhesive glue


Foam Brushes

Crafting tape

Lay out paper towels or newspaper on a flat surface. Gently take the labels off the Mark West single serving glasses. Now, here is the TIP of the year!

Remove the label to start the glitter wine glasses craft. #ShareWine ad

TIP TIP TIP!! Once the labels are off, spread a thick layer of peanut butter over the adhesive that is left. Let them sit 10 -15 minutes. Take a warm, soapy sponge and wipe the peanut butter off. You should see the adhesive disappear. If there is still some on the glass, apply another layer and try again! I got mine off very easily!Peanut Butter removes adhesive for your glitter wine glasses craft! #ShareWine ad

Once your adhesive is removed, dry the glasses well.

Take your craft tape and wrap it around your glass. None of this, by the way, has to be perfect, and you can make any design you want. Just make sure the edges are sealed so glue does not get under the tape.

Tape off the top of where you want the glitter wine glasses to stop. #ShareWine ad

Turn the glasses over on an area where you can apply the glitter.

Using the foam brush, evenly and generously spread the mod podge over the area you want glittered.

Generously apply mod podge for your glitter wine glasses. #ShareWine ad

Then generously apply the glitter to the area.

Generously apply glitter to the glitter wine glasses! #ShareWine ad

Let them dry 1 -2 hours or until the glasses are dry. If you did not get good coverage from the glitter the first time, you can apply more mod podge and glitter and let them sit another few hours!

Let the glitter dry on the mod podge for glitter wine glasses! #ShareWine ad

To make it so that the glitter does not come off in your hands, apply another layer of mod podge and let it dry completely. It will dry clear!

These fun and festive glasses will compliment any get together with red, white and blue Texas charm!

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Red, White and Blue for Texas Charm glitter wine glasses! #ShareWine ad

Head to the store and pick up Mark West Stackable Wine for your next relaxing day with friends. Enjoy the warm deliciousness of Pinot Noir while you relax without the concern of a wine opener, glasses or breaking bottles!

Enjoy single serve wine with out the waste and then make Glitter Wine Glasses! #ShareWine ad

Where would you take Mark West Stackable Wines? I would love to hear about your adventures with friends!

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