I am leaving on my first official Girl’s Weekend in over 5 1/2 years tomorrow afternoon!  I could NOT be more excited!

Or more overwhelmed!

There is so much to do before I leave town for 3 days, entrusting my dear husband to tend to my children’s every need, want, desire, whine, diaper, rule, tantrum, and on and on.

I feel like there is more to do when I leave than there is when my husband goes.

Why is that, I wonder?

I still have to do laundry when he leaves, but really just his.  Today, I am doing mine, his, and the kids.  I have to have clothes to party like a rock star…  I mean, err – travel with…   but he also has to be able to find outfits instantly for himself and the girls with almost no effort.  And it is bad that I know that he will be so overwhelmed with the kids that he will not have the time or desire to do laundry while I am gone?

In addition, I have to have the house clean.  Why, you ask?  Because I can not stand to leave a dirty house!  Now, I know when I get back he will have made a valiant effort, but really…  let’s be honest!  There is no way I will return in with it in the state I left it in.  In all fairness, he will probably choose to hang some shelves or texture a wall or paint some cabinets instead of clean, so I can’t be too upset.

I guess I don’t need to clean the house…  but I will anyway!  Because I am just that kind of crazy!

I have to go to the store and get easy to prepare, simple open, meals for him and the kids.  He does not cook.  Except maybe pork chops.  And I would like my kids to have some variety!  And even though I would kind of get a kick out of the surveillance tape at the store of his attempt with 3 kids, it really would be unfair to the workers, so I will go instead!

And I have to pack, prepare, charge phones, make sure there is money in the bank for my crazy arse weekend – I mean, ummm  – civilized adult retreat, and make sure my blog responsibilities are well taken care of before I leave.

Then I have to hound my husband every hour on the hour tomorrow to make sure he leaves work when he said he would so I can get the heck out of dodge….  ummm….  leave at a decent time.

Oh, and I have to decide if my kids coughs and sneezes are allergies or something more sinister, threatening my very weekend all together.  And leave the insurance card, directions to the Doctor’s office, and detailed instructions on what to ask the Doctor so that – heaven forbid-  my hubs does end up with three sick kids and antibiotics, he does not call me every hour on the hour!

Not that I would mind.  Too much.  Maybe.  On my first girl’s weekend away in 5 1/2 years…