The other night, I gathered up a few friends, set out some goodies and headed to my nearest Blockbuster Express to rent Bridesmaids, a movie I have been dying to see!  But, being of funny mind and evil spirit, I had a plan for this girls night that was like no other!

But, first, to the process!

I wanted this to be a relaxed Friday night girlie get together with fatty foods, good punch and some serious laughter!  So I headed to my nearest grocery store and picked up some pizza, chips and artichoke spinach parmesean cheese dip (so YUM!), some multi grain chips, a bottle of pink lemonade and some sprinkle cookies!  Oh, and popcorn…  gotta have popcorn.

Happy with my selections, I drove just two miles from my house and found the Blockbuster Express.  I have never used a kiosk to rent a movie so I feared I would be standing out side, looking a little odd punching a screen over and over again as I hit the wrong thing.  But never fear, Blockbuster planned for people like me and made this super easy.  I was in and out in less that 3 minutes, movie in tow, including the time it took to take pictures of the process for you!

And I knew the movie would be there because certain movies at the Blockbuster Express kiosks have an “In-stock Guarantee“.  If you reserve a movie online at or choose it at the kiosk and it is not there, then just send a text to 39777 and they will send you a $1.00 off your next movie rental code!  The guarantee sure makes it easier to know you’ll get the movie you want when you want it!


And then I made a little detour to a little shop that had some things that I would need to make this party just that much more embarrassing fun for my friends!

I got home, kissed the kids, promised my husband I would be home two hours earlier than I actually planned on – gotta give the man hope – and walked to my neighbors house.  Her two teen boys were there and very curious as to what I had in a large, white bag.  So I let them unveil….  bridesmaid dresses!  Yes, the mystery surprise was that my fiends, dear to me in every way, would be asked to put on and prance around in bridesmaid dresses!  Some ours, some from a thrift shop that I HAD to get!

But MY surprise was that her 15 year old son, one to have a sense of humor and a relaxed attitude, took our ribbing to put one on and DID!  I could barely stop laughing long enough to take the photo, thus it being a little blurred!  Now THAT is a fun kid!

So now the dress was out of the bag!  Although, they knew.  I had told them… but I don’t know if they really thought I was going to go through with it!  But when my other friend showed up with her bridesmaids dress, I knew that my friends were well used to me throwing them out in blog world to be talked about for all eternity!

Now, there is another reason that I wanted to bring the dresses into the movie viewing!  Blockbuster Express is running a contest right now called the Ugly Dress Contest and it is SUPER easy to enter!  All you do it take a photo of yourself in your ugliest bridesmaids dress and tweet it to @BlockbusterExp!  When you do, and if you are one of the first 100 successful entries, you’ll get ten codes good for a free movie rental!  But if it is, truly the ugliest, you could win a $250 spa package, courtesy of Blockbuster Express!  How cool is that?   But hurry, the contest ends 11/2/2011!

We sent in some interesting ones…  you can see them on this slide show:

Once the bridesmaids dress fun was done, it was time to watch the movie!  Someone had tweeted to me not to be eating during the movie unless someone in the room knew the Heimlich.   I asked around and decided not to eat.

The movie is HYSTERICAL!!  This The Hangover for women!  The star, Kristin Wiig could not have portrayed the angst ridden, nothing can go right, there is always a new rock bottom, character who was full of smart lines and laughter inducing facial expressions.  She is the perfect fit in this movie and her character was one of my favorites!

But the one who surprised me the most was Melissa McCarthy! YES – Suki from Gilmore Girls!  Let me tell you, this role is such a departure from Suki, and so completely well played by her, that when I think of her now, I think of her as this character.  Brash, honest, self-assured and without a care in the world!  She is the comic genius in this film, in my opinion!

The entire cast was perfectly placed, the plot line was believable and hilariousness, and though some of the scenes were a bit over the top, they were truly important for the movie and make me want to watch Bridesmaids again!

The evening was great fun, with good friends, good food, and a GREAT movie.  It was full of healthy doses of laughter throughout!  Thank you to my friends who shamelessly looked amazing in some awful dresses!

And if you are looking for a good movie to have your own girls night, check out Bridesmaids!  You won’t be sorry!

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