My children are all in school this year. Two are in Elementary and one is in preschool. They are all loving it and – dare I say – are doing really well. But I know that it is up to me to make sure education is central in their lives. Teachers are not their only educators. So I LOVE the entire line of Super Duper Educational Games that are instrumental in my keeping the learning going but disguising it as play! Think of these are great gifts for kids with the holidays coming up!

Super Duper Educational Games

We were so blessed to receive Word FLIPS®, the Grammar Gumballs® Board Game and MagneTalk Match-up Adventure Kit with the Barrier.

Word Flips is super awesome! My preschooler is all over this one. Plus, as she flips the cards over, I can get a good idea of where she is in recognizing words, actions and more as we flip the cards and ask questions. This game is for preschoolers and up – age 3 + – but even my bigger girls got into helping my little one. Watch her excitement when she gets one on her own below:

I really love this one for sound development and speech enhancement. Being the baby in a house where big sister talks for her, Megan’s speech has been at a slower rate. So to have something that is a game but enhances her sounds is invaluable!

I, personally, love the Grammar Gumballs Board Game! It comes with an audio CD that you can put in and let the kids listen to and play along. Or, sit down on the floor with them, grab the lesson manual and be their teacher that helps them know how many gumballs they earn. Check out the video below to get an idea why this game works for preschoolers –  age 4+ up!

How fun is this? The lessons cover everything from regular and irregular plurals, possessive pronouns, cupula (is/are) verbs and so much more. Basic grammar skills are hard to enforce but with this one, you get to laugh and play with your kids while those lessons are hammered home in disguise. With the lesson manual on your lap, you will know what to ask and what the answer should be before the kids answer.

The family favorite so far – if I were actually having to pick one – is the  MagneTalk Match-up Adventure Kit with the Barrier. This ‘game’ is so great about helping preschoolers – ages 4+ – learn what goes in what environment. From camping to outer space to a picnic in the park, the scenes easily slide into the barrier (sold separately from the magnets) and the kids can dig through the magnets and create their scenes. Check out Megan playing below:


All three of my daughters are LOVING this one! They are working together to create fun scenes and then talking the through which builds their communication skills. In addition, the board comes with a dry erase marker that lets them draw their own scenes. Let your kids create a scene on one side and then write about it on the other!

Other awesome educational games I love from Super Duper Publications are the Pirate Talk® Board Game,      HearBuilder Auditory Memory Software Program – Home CDAsk & Answer® “Wh” Bingo and the Auditory Memory for Short Stories Fun deck.

Check out all of the awesome games and toys on the Super Duper website and you will understand why I am so in love with the options! Connect with Super Duper on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, subscribe on Youtube and check out their Pinterest board.

Congratulations to our winner: Tracey J.!