You can go ahead and be all ‘I want that!’ with this one, guys. Because, even though I review a lot of items, I am drooling myself over the i-Mat: My Animal World from CreativeBabyInc.com. It is just awesome. One of those gifts for 18 month old girls – and boys- that keeps them entertained and learning well into their childhood!

i-Mat My Animal World by CreativeBaby.com

There are three videos of my 4 year old playing with this mat because – a) she is flippin’ adorable and b) she plays with it so often that I can always get some good stuff! My 5 and 7 year old love it too – but more because they can hear the animals names in Spanish and Chinese and they can play 2 games on it too!

So here are the basics. This foam mat has animals from all continents on it. Seals to Hippos to Sharks and more. The kids use the talking pen to turn on the mat and learn about the animals. Each one say the name, gives a sound that is either what the animal says or makes a fun noise. And then, there is music. This is Megan’s favorite part! She is a little country girl…

Or a ballerina….

It just depends!

The kids can safely play and talk about the animals and their environment with a soft surface. The mat comes apart in 4 pieces and easily stores behind a door. There are no wires, no plugs, no batteries (except in the pen) and no risk of electric shock while the kids are playing on it. Think of it as a regular play mat- that kids can spill on and not ruin – that talks!

i-Mat My Animal World by CreativeBaby.com

I really love this mat and am so glad my kids have it to enjoy! It will last for YEARS.  Be sure to get yours now!

The i-Mat’s secret is the 2 GB memory of the Voice Pen. Sold as a set, the foamy pad and pen together retail for $79.99. For a limited time, Creative Baby Inc offers free shipping for all pre-orders. Two more themed adventures — i-Mat My Alphabet and i-Mat Under The Sea — are planned for Fall 2013. As new pads are introduced, parents can connect the Voice Pen to any computer with internet access (with the included USB cable), download the new sound file from Creative Baby’s website to the i-Mat Voice Pen.  Then, explore new i-Mat adventures! New pads will be priced from $24.99 to $29.99.

If you have a toddler through the age of 6 or 7, I would say, this mat is totally worth it! The education and fun in such an easily usable item is truly wonderful!