Get ready to have a BLAST with your kids with NEW Gelarti Gel Art Pens and Crafts!


Gelarti is a unique pen and sticker and craft set that lets your kids create puffy gel art to stick on paper, windows, lunch boxes and so much more! The stickers are removable so the kids can move them around if they like! Since Back to School is in full swing, my kids are creating Gelarti Art to stick on their binders and folders too!

We were so lucky to get a big set of Gelartie items to try out. The GelartiDesigner Studio is so awesome because your child can have their pens, little add ons like jewels and small trinkets and they picture on a rotating board all in one place! This is great for traveling with and even to use at an event when you need your kids to be occupied!


My Sarah was all about the Gelarti Glow in the Dark set and went to work creating masterpieces that she could stick on her bed! Since the stickers are removable, I did not care that she wanted to do that!

The Gelarti Glitter pack went to Megan who created butterflies and more that shimmered in the light!

My Katie went for the Gelarti Activity pack with included a card that could be created for a birthday, hello or anything else!  My girls are making on for a friend and mailing it out!

There are SO MANY Gelarti kits to choose from.  See them ALL on the Gelarti Website!

These are so incredibly fun!

The pens are colorful and super easy to use. The kids just choose their photo, dot the Gelarti pen ink in the areas they want – some kits even come with a marbling tool that can help make dual colored stars and fun designs too – and let them dry for about 6 hours.


Once dry, they peel off the stickers from the sheet and stick away almost anywhere! They have a cute, puffy sticker that they created that they can take with them on almost any item!

This is UBER COOL! You and your kids will LOVE these!

To get your excitement building, (1) of my readers will get a HUGE Gelarti Arts Back to School Prize pack!  Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

The pack includes:

Gelarti Glitter Designer Series

Gelarti 3D Glow-in-the-Dark Series

Gelarti 3D Butterfly World

Gelarti Activity Pack

Gelarti Designer Studio