Furniture Refinishing Techniques

I’m all about fun and easy furniture refinishing techniques so I thought I would share some of the things I learned.

First is this White Rocking chair refinishing project we did on the old rocking chair. I loved this project because it was easy! Just a little sanding and a bottle of spray paint and voila! New Rocking Chair! It looks new too! The kids enjoyed helping with the sanding too. That’s the part I don’t like.

refinishing tecniques

Since I’m not a fan of sanding I found this other technique that didn’t require any prep work what so ever! I love that! Yay! No sanding for me! It’s called the chalk paint technique. Basically it’s a simple recipe that you can create at home with any color paint you want and then add some Plaster of Paris chalk dust to it. I’m not exactly sure how these chemicals work together to adhere to the furniture so well, they just do! It’s hugely popular right now too. This project features a entry table that used to be a dark cherry wood color turned to a cute aqua paint color. Grab the full Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe here. Finally its finished with a wax to preserve the paint to last for a very long time! Perfect!

I’ve also heard that Anne Sloan Chalk Paint is amazing too. In fact, if you plan to refinish your kitchen cabinets I would probably use hers! It’s not cheap though. Here’s a photo of some refinished kitchen cabinets that I love!

I also didn’t realize a dresser was so easy to do in chalk paint too. This dresser refinishing project took only two coats of chalk paint to complete with out prepping the furniture before hand. Love that!

So if you want to refinish a chair, dresser or even some kitchen cabinets, you have a few simple proven options to help you out! Chalk paint or a can of spray paint work quite well!

So let’s here it, what project do you have in mind?

Furniture Refinishing Techniques

Get more helpful tips and ideas for furniture refinishing! Refinishing Furniture Made Easyis a great resource!

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