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Designer PurseHook & Bracelet In One
Dec 4, 2012, 6pm EST
6-Hour Flash Giveaway

fumi pursehook giveaway

I received a FUMI PurseHook and I am amazed at how much I use it!  I love it.  I went out to dinner the other night and opened the box and tossed it in my purse.  And then I remembered that it can be worn as a bracelet too!  And a pretty stylish one, too!  So I pot it on and headed out.

I got to the restaurant and my friend commented on how pretty my bracelet was.  And then I took it off, placed one padded side down on the table and hung my purse from the other side!  It was FANTASTIC!  Not only did I not have to worry about someone grabbing my purse off the back of my chair, but I had it right at my fingertips without taking up table space.


I love my FUMI and this is a perfect stocking stuffer for the women in your lives!

Designer FUMI PurseHook & Bracelet, $30 Value
(Style & color may vary)

fumi bracelet pursehook

Pick up your bracelet, bangle, pursehook combo now!  The Fumi comes in a variety of styles and colors!

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