I know that many of you have been skeptical…but this bag is really coming. My friend Kim at RainyDayPennies.com received hers recently. Check it out…it is a really nice bag! It is different from other programs where they just send you a coupon for a bag that you redeem at a hospital. This one they MAIL the bag to you.

Here’s how to get your Free Goodie Bag from Enfamil:

  1. Register with Everyday Family
  2. Then, fill out the form and be sure to scroll down and check the $250 Enfamil package – it looks like this:
  3. Everyday Family is a great program for new and expecting parents to have access to freebies and coupons! They ask a lot of questions so they can match you up with things you may find interesting. Feel free to skip any you don’t want. (Choose “or skip these offers” on lower right side of page.)