I can not tell your how much I love the new Foil Art Stickers Crafts from Peaceable Kingdom!  It is clean, fun and the kids were all over creating beautiful pictures with no glue, scissors or markers!


The kits are awesome.  The one I received was the Foil Art Sticker Kit and my kids begged to open it immediately!

I read the directions, was impressed with how incredibly easy this was going to be to do  – even for my 4 year old – and opened the box!

Inside were 8 sheets of ‘photos’ that the kids could glitter up with thin, foil paper!  The white parts peel off revealing the sticky parts.  All they did was choose a color of foil, press the foil into the exposed sticker area and then pull the foil off.  The colorful, shiny paper was left behind, creating fun and easy art photos that the kids were so proud of!

I love love love this!  My kids sat in the kitchen foiling their photos, talking with each other, showing off each phase to me and just loving the project!

I love how clean this is, the fact that they don’t need any help creating their masterpieces and that their finished projects still hand on my office wall today!

foil art

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