**Craft By Beth & Tot**

Often times you can find us in the craft room, re-purposing, painting and creating.  We enjoy our craft time together and anything goes when we get into our artistic zone.  We were thinking of crafts to share with everyone that are simple, fun and meaningful; and we LOVE this Mother’s Day Flower Stake craft!

flower stake craftThis one will not hold up outside, but I have plenty of plants in our home; so finding a perfect spot for this craft is easy peasy!

To create your flower stake craft you will need:

2 pieces of scrapbook paper, one being green for the stem. (We used handmade paper, and we will get to that craft eventually!)

Glue Stick



One yard stake (about 2-3 feet)

Double sided poster tape or glue

Start by drawing your flower petals as large as you can get them on your scrapbook paper.

Cut out your flower.

Free hand a stem on the green page and cut out. (These do not have to be perfect, that is what is great about this project!)

flower stake craft

Using your favorite flower accent color apply paint to their small hands and place in the center “flowering” out all the way around. Dip hand each time you start to paint a new section.  Do the same with the stem and foot. For the stem, we mixed green paint and yellow paint for some contrast.

flower stake craft

Add some contrast colors to your petals and stem if you want! They just help add a touch of dimension to your project. Allow to dry and glue your flower to your stem with a glue stick.  After your glue has dried, you are ready to add your flower to the stake.  Liberally line the stake (that will cover your flower from the top to the bottom) with double sided tape and apply the flower. You are ready to go!

flower stake craft

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