I have a closet, part of an attic, another closet, and some of the garage crammed with kids clothes that I want to donate or sell.  They just sit there collecting dust waiting for me to make up my mind!

I think I might have just found something to help me along the process as well as find GREAT clothes for super affordable prices!  I just found out about a fun and functional website called FlipSize.com!

Basically, you can order a bag of clothing for your kids and get a ton of stuff for up to 80% off!  Or, you can turn your unwanted clothes into gift cards! Just send your bag of clothes in, gain your points and cash them out for popular gift cards!  How cool is THAT?  Sign up for the Gold Membership program and get even more perks like being able to hold clothing and items until they are ready to buy and getting referral points!

When you sign up, please credit member #1004!  That’s me ;)  Thank you!

I really like this site and am shopping already!  Especially for my friend who just had a baby!  And I am saving BIG because right now, all clothing 12 months and below are JUST $0.99 cents per Item!!!   The sale is for one week only and ends Sunday, July 13, 2012!  It is an INFANTory Blowout!

Cute, right?

To help us all get to know FlipSize.com a little better and see how beneficial the service can be to us all – did you SEE the cute clothing? – they are generously offering (1) of my readers a $15 Credit to the site AND a1 year Gold Membership!  And in the meantime, go shopping!  Don’t miss out on the AWESOME $0.99 Sale going on NOW!

**I will receive a promotional credit to the site in return for posting about this sale.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**

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