I want you to WIN a NEW Brookstone 4 way iPod/ iPhone charger!  It also works on Blackberry, Smartphones, Cell Phones, Cameras and GPS!  AND I want you to WIN a $50 Target Gift Card AND I want you to win a $50 eVitaminMarket Gift card for all of your health needs!

SO, here’s the deal!  I am running a 2 hour ONLY FLASH GIVEAWAY!  Just ’cause I love giving things away!

Enter my WIN a $50 Target Gift card or a $50 eVitaminMarket Giveaway, come back and tell  me you did and you have an entry into the Brookstone Charger!  

If you have already entered the Target Gift Card Giveaway OR are one of the 25 participating Bloggers in this giveaway, post a promotion link from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other promtionary site and YOU get an entry into this giveaway!

Everyone who completes the giveaway or promotion gets ONE ENTRY!

If you Share or Tweet this FLASH GIVEAWAY, leave a comment with the link for a BONUS ENTRY!

I will pick a winner TONIGHT and mail you the DVD Set!

The Giveaway starts at 9:39am CST and end at 11:39pm CST, November 18, 2011!


**I will be cross referencing ALL entries to make sure everyone actually entered the giveaway.  People caught breaking the rules will be eliminated from ALL giveaways on this site.  The winner will be announced as soon as I can run a cross reference!**