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First and foremost: Vote for your fave books with strong female characters by clicking on the images below and then clicking the done button. Share your picks on Pinterest and be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Contest ends 3/31/14.

Have you done it? Then OK. Let’s get to one of my favorite topics that I don’t get to talk enough about. Favorite Books. Especially those with strong female characters. I was hooked as a girl reading Nancy Drew Mysteries and Ramona the Great. I learned in my non – stop – always reading childhood – that my oldest is now deep into – that women and girls have strength, power and intelligence through these books. I learned that we can do anything at all!

As I grew, books like Gone With the Wind and Jane Eyre shaped the way I thought about my limitations in life. I think that because I grew up reading about women who surmounted all odds, excelled despite obstacles and came out better woman and mothers, I knew that anything I faced was going to be OK.

Favorite Female Books

As I have journeyed through divorce these last few years, I sometimes feel like Scarlett – burning house in the background – digging deep to regain my strength in the face of adversity!

As a celebration of strong women in literature, YOU can vote for the books you love most as a child – Charlotte’s Web, maybe – or as an adult. Once you vote, PIN the image and you will be entered to WIN a $100 Amazon Gift Card! How fun and easy is that?

Tell me about the books you read that have affected your life? I would love to hear!

Contest ends 3/31/2014

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