Last week my power went out and my three kids freaked out!  Even their prized Energizer Disney Night Lights were out! We ran around looking for flashlights and other items to light up the room. So this awesome Energizer Flash Light in the prize pack below is necessary in this house!

But, I have three little girls that are curious about everything. If it is colorful, shiny and can fit into little hands, it is of interest to them. Energizer Batteries is well aware of this fact with little ones and has developed packaging to help us moms keep our kids safe!

Energizer Lithium Coin Battery Kid Safe Packaging

Batteries, in general, my kids know to keep away from. But a lot of my items such as night lights and toys, take the flat, round batteries that my kids sometimes confuse for money. My kids love coins and I worry that they will get a hold of the package, open it up and either put it in their mouths or use it in ‘play’. With swallowing worries and more, neither of those ideas appeal to me.

In support of National Childhood Injury Prevention Week (September 1-7, 2013), the National Safety Council and Energizer have teamed up to share some important tips every parent should know to help prevent injuries from the ingestion of Coin Lithium batteries to help keep kids safe.

The 4 S’s of Coin Lithium Battery Safety

  • STORE devices that use coin lithium batteries out of reach of children
  • SECURE the battery compartments of devices
  • SELECT battery packaging that meets federal guidelines for child resistance, such as Energizer’scoin lithium battery packaging
  • SHARE this information with your friends and family

Energizer was kind enough to send me packages of their Lithium Coin Batteries and a package of a competitor. Honest to goodness, even though the competitors package said that scissors were needed, I ripped the package open with my hands with ease. My kids could easily tear this open and out would pop two shiny, fun looking ‘coins’ that they might immediately put in their mouth!

The Energizer packages took some serious time to get into. I pulled at the sides, tries to push the batteries through the back, poked at the foil with my nails and nothing. I could not get the batteries out by hand at all. I had to go get scissors and poke them into the packaging pretty hard to get it to pop and let me get to the batteries. Not only that, only one battery can be gotten to at a time. So even though the package is open, kids can not get to the other batteries that are not in use at the moment.


Energizer Lithium Coin Battery Kid Safe Packaging

I am truly amazed at how much better and safer the Energizer packages are than the competitors! To me, this is yet another reason why Energizer stands above the rest in the battery department. I already know that their products last longer than other batteries and now I can even feel better about having them in my kid’s home!

The CPSC imposes strict guidelines to determine if a packaging qualifies as effectively child-resistant. The packaging is tested with groups of children ages 42-51 months and also with senior adults ages 50-70. For a package to be child-resistant, a total of 80% of the children tested must not open the package in a full 10 minutes of testing. To make sure that adults are able to use a child-resistant package properly, 90% of adults tested have up to five minutes, and then another minute in a second test, to open and close the package (if applicable) so that it is child-resistant again.

How much thought have you given to your packaging of your batteries? Wouldn’t you go for the safest packaging you could to protect your kids?

Next time you are at the store, pick up your Energizer Lithium Coin batteries for your items and rest assures your kids safety was taken into serious consideration when the packaging was created too!

Congratulations to our winner Melina R.!!