With the end of the season just around the corner, a lot of people are having football parties! I am planning on one. I needed something fun to do though to make it something really special, something memorably, something to drive home the theme! So I headed to the store and got the materials I needed. Now I want to show you how to make an easy football tablecloth!

Hot to Make an Easy Football Tablecloth

The materials you need are basics you can get online or at any craft store.

Green felt that fits your table

White 1″  fabric tape

Iron on Football 

Iron on Letters

Iron on Stars

White puffy fabric paint

A sharpie

Measuring tape

Lay the green felt on the table you are making the cloth for. Use your measuring tape and sharpie to measure one inch in. Use the tape to line the cloth 1″ in around every side.

How to make an Easy Football Tablecloth

Once the outline is done, use your measuring tape and sharpie to find the middle where the 50- yard line will be. Then mark where you want the end zones to be. Once that is done and you have taped those areas, measure and split the field for the yard lines. This took me the longest as I am bad at measuring. But I was careful not to mark the fabric unless I knew I was going to cover it with tape.

Once the lines are down, either iron them to make them stick or use pressure. I relaid tape on top of the original lines to make it more smooth looking. I also double lined the end zones and the 50 yard line to make them more pronounced.

Once the lines were done, I placed the football iron on over the 50 yard line. I ironed it on and slowly peeled off the paper over it. I then carefully pulled the letters off the page and placed them in the end zones spelling football in one and game in the other. I added blue and red stars to better identify them.

How to make an Easy Football Tablecloth

I then used the puffy fabric paint to mark the lines!

This is such an easy craft but makes a huge impact on guests. Create your own team tablecloth or table runner the same way!

How are you celebrating the big game? I would love to hear!

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