**Craft by Beth & Tots**

My smallest Tot loves to play in paint and there are days when we make paintings for every family member and then some.   These Easter Egg hand print bunnies are the perfect gift for family members to remember those tiny hands!  You will need just a few items to get started making your own precious memories!

easter egg hand print bunnies

To get started on your hand print bunnies you will need:

Paint (we used white, silver and green) nontoxic.


Sharpie Marker

Paint brushes, one for each color

Start by preparing an area for painting. We used an old plastic bag to protect our crafting area from paint. Paint every other finger (do not paint the thumb) white alternating with silver and paint the palm of the hand green.

Sit an egg in the child’s hand and have them close their fingers. Press each finger onto the egg while the child just holds the egg in place.

Do this for every remaining egg, painting the child’s hand between each egg.

Allow to dry.

Once they are dry you can just lightly out line the “bunny” with a black sharpie marker, add ears, whiskers eyes and mouth if you want.

easter egg hand print bunniesThis is a pretty simple craft where the end product is absolutely adorable and worth giving to friends and families.  Being able to look back over the years and see how they have grown is such a precious memory.  Tots will never forget how much fun they had making these cuties!

easter egg hand print bunniesNo worries when you make your bunnies with the markers. Just use puffy round motions for the body and the head. Add some pointy ears, even if there is no paint behind them. You cannot mess these bunnies up! They are fun and simple, and the real focus is on the beautiful hand print! Enjoy!!!

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