I can not stand my house.  It is Gross.  Gross with a capital unbelievable disgusting, can not believe we live this way, what the heck is wrong with us, Gross!

But I clean all…  day…. long!

So – HOW?!  HOW does a house that is constantly picked up, swept, vacuumed, wiped down, spit shined, daily get to be such an incredibly wreck?

I have many theories.

1)  I was a career gal before kids.  I have no concept of how to clean up after 4 other people and 2 (sniff) dogs. I do not seem to have the talent to prioritize, colonize, and deodorize.

2)  I am tired of doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over again with the same result.  That it be undone.  And undone to a higher level than it was done before!  It is as if they wait for it to be clean and then run in after me with a timer to see if they can undue what took me and hour to do in 30 seconds.  They usually succeed!

3)  I just simply don’t care enough.  Yes, I desperately want a clean house.  And yes, I used to have one.  To a fault, actually.  But the reality is that I don’t anymore.  And it will probably be a few more years until I can properly train my children to clean up after them selves, so I am probably holding my breath for nothing.  Except to see how long I can.  So maybe, really,  I just don’t care and think dried applesauce on the floor is a great new look.

4)  What is the point.  I mean, really?  What is the point?  No one else comes here – at least not without calling first.  No one else sees the ducking fisaster we currently live in.  So why am I working so hard?  For my husband, so that he does not think I do nothing all day?  For myself, because I feel like a failure when my house is trashed?  Or for my kids? Who deserve to live in some sort of order so they do not grow up to be slobs?

5)  I am, and this is possibly the truth, a little too ADD and ADHD and ADLD (attention deficit lazy disorder) to manage an entire household of little people and tails and paws.  In reality, in order to keep it up, I would have to do nothing else all day long.  No playing, no blogging (kill me now), no twitter, no FB, no nada.  And I am just not ready to give up my sanity vices just yet.

So I guess I will continue the uphill struggle to maintain at least some order in the sty that even pigs would site for ickyness, and pray that one day, I will put my head on my pillow and relish in the fact that I figured out how to keep the house out of the ducking fisaster category.

Or I hire a maid!