The New Year is only 2 weeks away?

Wow!  Time to start that resolution list!

But this year, I want to make on that actually is attainable.  One that I might adhere to through out the year.  One that not only will make my life better, but also those that I love around me.  I also want my resolutions to help me achieve some dreams I have, some aspirations I desire, and that will help me create new possibilities.

In parenting, and I could go on for days about this – stop yelling, be more patient, spend more quality time with my kids and so on.  But, instead, I think I will work this year on becoming my children’s hero.  Not only do I want them to listen to me and respect me, I really want them to admire me.  To look up to me for my kindness, my sensitivity, and my selflessness.  I want to be the woman they want to be when they grow up.  Instead of the woman they hope they are never like!

I don’t know how I will go about becoming their hero.  I suppose I will just have to be kinder, be more sensitive to them and others, and be more selfless in my actions and thoughts!

In my marriage, I want to find my husband again.  I want to dig through the pile of busy and find that cave of peace, togetherness, and love.  I know it is there, I see the light every once in a while escaping from it’s crevice.  I just have to make the time to be more aware that he is here too.  

As for my blog, I want to continue to remain honest, straight forward, and somewhat funny.  I like that there are mother’s out there that can relate to me and I know that there are more I want to reach.  The best friend of a mother, after all, is another mother.  By remaining true to my self and my readers, I hope to create more opportunities to network with other bloggers, products, and guests.

Whatever 2011 brings, I want it to be better than 2010.  Though it was a fantastic year, there was too much self doubt, self indulgence, and self hatred.  I aim to improve that in strides and pray that the Lord is there to guide me as I go.

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