There are some misconceptions about my parenting skills floating around out there and I think I need to clear some of them up.  For honesty sake.  For clarity.  And for me.  ‘Cause it’s fun!

I do not have a baby potty in my kitchen for my – potty trained for over a year – 3 year old to use.  With 4 bathrooms in this house, that would simply be a waste of time and open up the opportunity for my 1 year old to get to it before I do.  And if she does…. well, let’s just say the water bill would be high all of the spontaneous baths.  Sure, it would be easier than cleaning when she pees on the floor because she can’t seem to make it to the potty anymore.  And surely I can remember to ask her and/ or take her every half hour to help her recognize the signals more.  But a potty in the kitchen?  Where did you ever get that crazy idea?

I do not laugh at my 1 year old when she throws a tantrum!  That would just be mean.  Poor thing is trying to tell me that her sister’s pink fork is the one she prefers over her pink fork.  Or that the blanket that her sister has is really the one she would prefer.  I mean, she is just trying to express her own views and opinions.  You know I pick her up, coddle her, and speak sweet nothings until she feels better.  Laughing and watching her wiggle around on the floor like a dog who sat in ants is not appropriate mothering.  For Heaven’s sake.  Where did that one come from?

Never, in a million years, would I take my 4 year old to school with her sister’s still in their pajama’s!  Really? Don’t you think I can manage my time better and get all three of them up and dressed in time to get out the door?  You know, when the teacher get’s Katie out of her car seat in the car line that she can see the other two right?  How mortifying to think that she would know that I just threw them in the car in wrinkled jammies.  How embarrassing.  Surely we can throw that misconception out!  Right?

I hope this helps clarify some things.  I would never want anyone to have any wrong ideas about me and my ability to care for my children.  That would just be heartbreaking.  Because I am a good mother and I never take short cuts to make my life easier.

Don’t be ridiculous!

Laughing smiley