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I can not emphasize how much I adore these nostalgic dolls that I got for my girls. On Christmas morning, when they open them they will make new best friends. These sweet, beautiful, amazing dolls will be friends for life for them!  I was lucky enough to get to review a wonderful new pair of dolls this week from the Ragtales line and I am thrilled. These are the dolls and plush toy that I wished I had growing up as a little girl. Soft and extremely well made, Roundabout has found themselves an almost certain winner. Especially with their Dollytales line!

Ragtales Classic Toys Review and Giveaway

When I was growing up, we had plenty of stuffed animals and dolls to play with. That said, we rarely had stuffed animals and toys that were truly cuddly. Most of the stuffed animals and dolls I played with were either hard plastic or that itchy stuff most stuffed animals are made from. It was only a matter of time before I would pop a leak in one of them and be crying.

Ragtales Classic Toys Review and Giveaway

I got to play with Megan and Molly, two of the cutest little girl dolls you have ever seen. They each have their own “personality” and stand out. Megan is the blonde headed cutie pie with pink ribbons to accentuate her hair. Dressed in an adorable petticoat, she is straight out of a kid’s book cute. Molly is dark haired and has freckles dotting her nose. Dressed up in pink, she would be a wonderful companion for any little girl that loves dolls.

A great toy is one that inspires imagination and when you look at the whole line of Ragtales, that is exactly what you see. All of the toys are unique, but they all have a common feel to them. If you were to bring the entire line together, it would be easy to imagine a whole world full of imaginary characters and fun. That is what children’s toys are supposed to be about so I absolutely endorse this wonderful line of products. If you have not seen these yet, you absolutely should head over to the website and check them out. They are worth every penny in my opinion.

Ragtales Classic Toys Review and Giveaway

Want to WIN your own Dollytale for your daughter? I can not guarantee delivery by Christmas but I can guarantee a beautiful doll that will be a lifelong friend!

Giveaway open to US Residents, 18+. Giveaway Ends 12/22/2014 


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