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Doing Well at School Party Tips include having the right products on hand

My beautiful, wonderful, amazing 5th grader came home yesterday with a smile on her face bigger than the Grand Canyon. For the first time since probably the 2nd grade, she had straight A’s on her progress report. It has taken a lot of work, a math tutor that is the best money I have ever spent, and a boost of self-confidence that seemed to be struggling the last few years in school to get here. But here we are. She gets to know what it is like, especially in a transitional year like 5th  grade, to get straight A’s on a progress report. It does not even matter to me what the report card looks like or how the year turns out. This victory deserves to be celebrated! Whether your child needs a boost of confidence, aces that paper, passes that math test or just gets great conduct marks for an entire month, celebrating doing well in school is a great way to show you are behind them all the way! As a mom, I make sure we have all the things on hand should something come up, like Advil® for homework headaches, Robitussin for that back to school germ that was passed on and Chapstick® for those lips surrounding that amazing smile. The other part of my job is to make sure they know how proud I am of them no matter how small the accomplishment! So when Katie gets home from school today, she, and her sisters will be treated to a little party complete with treats and fun that I hope will motivate her to keep going! Check out how I threw this together!

Stocking up on items to keep mom well helps with the schedule that helps kids do well in school

Pick a Color

My daughter’s favorite color is blue, any shade. So I chose that as my base. Anything blue was in my cart as shopped the aisles at Walmart. I had to go anyway to stock up on things that I need in my house to combat back to school germs that will undoubtedly enter. I need to reorganize my medicine cabinet too so this is the perfect time to make sure I have the essentials on hand.

Painting the A makes the party decor easy! Celebrating Kids doing well in school is necessary!

Back to that in a minute though.

I hit the party aisle and got a tablecloth, some letters I am going to paint different hues of blue, some Popcorn Muddy Buddy holders and other essentials. The more blue I found, the happier I became! Katie is going to LOVE this!

Painted A Letters

I found a really cute glitter A that sparked the idea of different color and fonts A’s as decor for the table. I was in the craft aisle anyway so I grabbed some ‘A’s and some different hues of blue paint.

Painted letters help with the decor for celebrating doing well in school

When I got home I simply painted the A’s and got ready to display them on the table!  So cute, right?

Swirl Cupcakes

I can not throw any celebration without cupcakes. It is just not allowed. So I made some and let them cool. In a piping bag I added lines of blue food coloring and then filled it with white icing. I piped it out onto the cupcake getting a cute swirl pattern! As a topper I found candy dots in the cooking aisle that are so cute, just to add a little flair.

Swirl Cupcakes help you celebrate doing well in school

How cute are these?

Sparkling Crispy Treats

All you need for these is your traditional crispy treat recipe, some blue sprinkles or candies and some blue candy melts. These are fun to put together and display and such a pretty food item! Just dip your hardened treat into the melted blue candy! So easy and pretty!

Crispy treats are kid's favorite and are great for celebrating doing well in school

Popcorn Muddy Buddy Mix

I try to teach my kids that it takes a mix of things to be successful in school. It takes good sleep, good nutrition, good decisions, encouraging friends, a solid and reliable schedule and study. Just as it takes a myriad of products to keep one on track during the germiest season of the year, back to school, it takes a lot of things working well together to succeed in school. So this Popcorn Muddy Buddy Mix is a great way to remind her that her mix is working well together! You can find the recipe online… it is pretty common.

Popcorn Muddy Buddy m ix reminds kids it takes more than one thing to do well in school!

Now that my party is set up and I am just waiting on the kids to dig in, I can use some of this time to get that medicine cabinet organized and up to date. I also decided that I wanted to make a little gift bag of seasonal needs for my neighbor. It is her first year with kids in school and I know she has already had to make the run for some items late at night when the first set of germs came home! So using the quality products I got at Walmart, I made a super cute gift basket to hand over! Check out what’s in it!

Winter essentials keep everyone going and helps mom in celebrating doing well in school

  • Emergen-C® for those days when I have work, a school play, homework and laundry all in the same day! Emerge and See. Emerge restored. Emerge replenished. Emerge Fortified* (*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)

Doing well in school helps with an alert mom. Emergenc can help!

  • Robitussin® DM Max Strength for those back to school germs that will likely pass to me. It can help clear cough from your schedule! (*use as directed)

Robutussin Can help mom with caughs if her kids come home. That helps her help them in doing well in school

  • Centrum® Multi-benefit Multi-Gummies@ for adults in the orange bottle for my daily ‘take care of me while I focus on the kids’. New Centrum® MultiGummies® for Men and Women. So advanced, they have more Vitamin D3 than any other men’s or women’s gummy^ (^Among leading men’s and women’s gummy multivitamins. )

Doing well in school starts with an alert mom. Centrum can help keep us balanced

  • Advil® PM Caplets gives you the healing sleep you need. By combining the #1 selling pain reliever* with a soothing sleep aid, pain won’t get in the way of your sleep. Don’t let backache, minor arthritis, joint pain or other minor nighttime aches and pains interrupt a restful night’s sleep.I also always have Advil® Liqui-Gels® in my cabinet for that headache that can come with homework time! Nothing’s faster on tough pain* (*Among OTC pain relievers. *Use as directed.)

Advil helps wiht home work headaches when you are helping kids do well in school

  • ChapStick® for my lips which will undoubtedly become chapped when the cold weather really hits! It moisturizes & softens for smooth lips everyday!

Chapstick is great in protecting lips! Celebrating doing well in school is fun

How do you celebrate your kid’s successes? How do you stock up for the season? I want to know your tips!

Celebrating doing well in school is a team effort