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This DIY Personalized Tea Tumbler houses Bigelow tea and keeps it warm

At the ripe young age of 44 I am starting to ‘get it’. My health and my well being are in my hands. No one else can make the choices for me that will make my body and mind work at it’s peak for the rest of my life. Only I can do that. While I don’t have the body that screams, ‘she is SO healthy!’ just yet, I work on getting there every single day. With my love of CrossFit taking care of making me stronger and building my confidence, I have turned my attention lately to putting things in my body that can only make me feel better.

Crossfit has helped me stay well. My DIY Personalized Tea Tumbler goes with me

At my new CrossFit gym, which is so much closer to my house that I am able to go everyday again, I have been talking to the women my age that are further along in their goals of wellness. Several tips have come out of the conversation that I have started to implement.

One is to drink a nice cup of hot tea a few times a day. They told me that just drinking a warm cup of tea can calm them from the inside out. The warmth of the beverage makes them feel cozy and helps their mind calm down for just a few minutes. We all need that for total wellness in these, our crazy busy lives.

Bigelow Teas are a perfect blend for my DIY Personalized Tea Tumbler

I headed to Kroger to find teas that could help me take that 5 minutes to just be and found Bigelow Stay Well – Lemon and Echinacea Herbal Tea. Since I am really, really trying to learn to be a well balanced and more conscientious of what I choose to put in my body, I really like that this tea, with it’s authentic Echinacea and crisp lemon flavor with a smooth, relaxing herbal finish. Made with all natural green and herbal teas made of premium quality, this line of teas has exceptional flavors and support a healthier living lifestyle!

The Live Well Blend matches my lifestyle and stays warm in my DIY Personalized Tea Tumbler

I have been enjoying my Stay Well tea and have even started having a cup of Sleep Chamomile and Lavender Herbal Tea to help aid in a calming sleep which is necessary for me to maintain my very busy lifestyle.

Another thing I am trying to implement into my lifestyle is ‘down time’. I am setting my alarm on my phone to make sure I get up from my work and actually spend 5 minutes unwinding. A few things I am doing actually feel like a mini-break:

Take a break in the yard with the dog and your DIY Personalized Tea Tumbler

  • Walking in the yard with the dogs
  • Watering the flower garden
  • Doing 10 sit-ups
  • Fliping through a cook book

Any of these activities take me out of my current stress of work and managing the home and family and gives my brain a moment ‘off’. But, to be honest, carrying a cup of tea through the yard can be hard. So, I made some DIY Personalized  Tea Tumbler top keep it warm on the go. These are really fun and easy so I made one for my friend, Clarissa, as well to help encourage her to take a mini break through the day too!

Get your tea ready for your DIY Personalized Tea Tumbler

What you need:

  • Tumbler
  • Permanent paint pens
  • Monogram sticker
  • Tweezers

Get all of your supplies for your DIY Personalized Tea Tumbler together

Wash and dry your tumbler well. Carefully adhere your monogram sticker to the dry tumbler.

Start by attaching the sticker to your DIY Personalized Tea Tumbler

Using the paint pens you choose, add dots of a variety of sized, thicker to smaller out from the monogram.

Add the paint to the DIY Personalized Tea Tumbler

I used a lighter and darker color so I let the darker color dry and then added the lighter color on top.

Use multiple hues of the same color for effect on the DIY Personalized Tea Tumbler

Using tweezers, remove the monogram sticker from the tumbler.

Use tweezers to remove the stickers on the DIY Personalized Tea Tumbler

Hand wash only and enjoy your Bigelow Tea as you keep it warm and with you during your me time!

Balance your wellness with Bigelow Tea and a DIY Personalized Tea Tumbler

How do you take the time to do something for your wellness? I would love to hear!

Get Bigelow Teas and your supplies for your DIY Personalized Tea Tumbler at Kroger