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DIY No Sew Toilet Paper Holder

DIY No Sew Toilet Paper Holder hanging


I don’t sew. Like. At all. I don’t do buttons, I don’t hem pants, I don’t darn tears in clothing. I am useless when it comes to a needle and thread and often end up poking myself more with the needle than the project. Since I don’t sew, I also have no sewing machine. My mom does. My sister does. I do not. So when I see a super cute craft online, like this toilet paper holder, I have to get creative if I was one in my home too. Thus the heavily modified NO-sew Toilet Paper Holder to put my Scott® ComfortPlus™ Toilet Paper – 24 CT Big Roll in! 

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DIY No Sew Toilet Paper Holder at Family Dollar

Since I often stock up on toilet paper from Family Dollar but have limited space to store it, I am always looking for creative ways to have it out – because we know the kids are not going to change it if they don’t see it.  This DIY No-sew Toilet Paper Holder will be perfect. It is off the floor and clearly in their eye sight!

DIY No Sew Toilet Paper Holder

I don’t just use any toilet paper, though. With three girls in the house it has to be strong, affordable and able to be used with my septic tank. Because, you know, over use and kids is just normal. Scott ComfortPlus is better than competition, and is preferred over Angel Soft (vs. Angel Soft® Double Roll) because Scott® ComfortPlus™ is 5 in 1- soft, strong, thick, absorbent, clog-free. Scott ComfortPlus is the new Scott Extra Soft. If you used to purchase Scott Extra Soft, Scott ComfortPlus is the new and improved version. That is a #momwin for me!


So, now that I made my shopping trip to Family Dollar and purchased my Scott® ComfortPlus™ Toilet Paper – 24 CT Big Roll pack which is 3X Stronger for Unbeatable Comfort, I need a place to put them all. Hence the mad search for a toilet paper holder option I could actually do!

Here is what you need:

DIY No Sew Toilet Paper Holder Scott

  • NEW Scott® ComfortPlus™ Toilet Paper: the only bath tissue designed to care for you with everyday comfort plus a little extra. With thick and plush sheets for a trusted, comforting clean, this Scott® Toilet Paper is tested for strength and designed for comfort. It is Tested for strength, designed for comfort.
  • 1 yard of fabric – I am making more than 1
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Pins to help stabilize the fabric
  • scissors
  • ribbon that matches your fabric
  • cord to tie

And here we go with our DIY No Sew Toilet Paper Holder. Keep in mind, I don’t measure either. I am all about eye balling it!

How to make a DIY No Sew Toilet Paper Holder

Lay out the fabric and place a 2 rolls of Scott ComfortPlus on it, leaving about an inch or two in between the rolls

DIY No Sew Toilet Paper Holder lay them out

Measure – eye ball or 1″ out from the edge of each roll and mark it. Once you know how much fabric you need on one side, double it as we are using two-ply fabric for a sturdier project. Cut the fabric leaving an extra inch on the sides and top – you need room for the cord.

Once you have your strip of fabric, fold it over and cut the edges so it is clean and even. Then pin the edges and make sure they are even with the other side. DIY No Sew Toilet Paper Holder pin it

Now open it back up and take your hot glue gun to get to work. This is tricky because with sewing you can do the seams after the sides. But with the glue gun you have to do it as you go. Fold over the edges of your fabric to give it that ‘sewn’ look.

DIY No Sew Toilet Paper Holder and pin to be even

Then gently bead in hot glue down the seam to the crease you want to create. Do each side.

DIY No Sew Toilet Paper Holder and glue

Once the sides are done, measure with your roll to choose where the seam will go between rolls pockets.

DIY No Sew Toilet Paper Holder and bead the seam

Place the toilet paper into the slots so you can see how much room you have. Then take the out, fold over the edge and glue the top. Let the glue have time to dry.

DIY No Sew Toilet Paper Holder and fold the top

Now we will decorate and add the cords to tie! I used a simple ribbon to lay across the seam and the top seam. Just adds a little pretty and helps break up the sections.

DIY No Sew Toilet Paper Holder add ribbon

DIY No Sew Toilet Paper Holder and add flair

Now to the tie.

Pin the cord to each side and cut them so you have enough room for them to tie.  Using the glue gun, adhere the cord to the fabric and weight them down.

DIY No Sew Toilet Paper Holder and add the tie

Once totally dry, slide in your Scott ComfortPlus toilet paper rolls and tie them to the toilet paper roll!

DIY No Sew Toilet Paper Holder

Now my kids and guests can easily see the rolls and remember to replace them! Plus I have a little extra storage too!

How do you store your Scott ComfortPlus toilet paper from a Family Dollar near you?