The Dino Dan series is a hit in our house!  Learning about dinosaurs facinates both of my children. You can see the full review on A Day in Motherhood and Enter for your chance to win a copy of this DVD by NCircle Entertainment!

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dino dan

Tiny Tot says: Yeahhhh I like the Dino Dan movies, I liked all of them.  Trek was in it and he could see dinosaurs. He made a comic book with his grandma and it was nice.  Volcanoes erupt making lava come out and he saved the dinosaurs.  If they get in the lava it would not be good for them.  I think lava is like 20 degrees. We could not even make lava in the microwave it is so hot.  I would like to watch this movie with my friends and my cousins because it is a good movie! ~Age 4

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