Dino Dan Tyrannosaurus Trek is an exciting film in Trek’s Adventures from NCircle Entertainment!  Full of learning and visual encounters, my children stay tuned as Trek realizes he can see dinosaurs; just like his brother Dan! Trek is elated to find this out and start field observations!

dino dan tyrannosaurus trek

 These films are so educational that I prefer them over any old cartoon they might land on in TV world.  They satisfy those questions that my children ask about dinosaurs in which I am left with mouth open and scratching my head.  Super interesting, even for adults, the Dino Dan series is exceptional.

dino dan tyrannosaurus trek

Trek and his Grandmother create a comic book in which the dinosaurs are saved after a volcanic eruption.  This is one of five stories told within this disc.  You can expect to find Team Dino, Use Your Dino Senses, Dino Climbers, Tyrannosaurus Trek and Trekoodon to enlighten your own speculations on the dinosaur era.  These short 5 stores are perfect for car rides! Even 10 miles down the road I can trust that my children are not only watching Trek’s Adventures, but are learning as well!

I am not quite certain that my children will become paleontologists, but I do know that they really enjoy this series! They have watched Tyrannosaurus Trek more than a few times already.  My son is 7 and my daughter is 4, and this is one film that they both agree on every single time! We are definitely looking forward to more from NCircle Entertainment within the Dino Dan series!

Put your adventure caps on and get ready for some field experiments in observation because Tyrannosaurus Trek is going to take you way back!  This is one that the whole family will enjoy! My son is already asking to take this one in to school for his class to enjoy!

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dino dan tyrannosaurus trek       dino dan tyrannosaurus trek       dino dan tyrannosaurus trek       dino dan tyrannosaurus trek

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