I have to make a decision about my daughter’s future.  And I am not happy about it.

Katie is a late July baby.  Born during a heat wave and keeping the fire under my hiney ever since.  And now I have to decide, is she ready to start Kindergarten next year?

She’ll be the right age according to the Texas calendar, and she keeps up with her preschool class brilliantly, says her teachers, so what is my concern?

She’s 4!

And yes, she will be 5, but barely.  She seems so small to me.  So not ready to enter into a world of daily studies, long days, and less time with me.

Adding to my confusion are the opinions, both unsolicited and solicited.  Everyone says that they know no one who complains about keeping their children back until they were 6.  My mother remembers entering 1st grade (Catholic School) at 5 and she hated it.  And everyone agrees that if Katie not keep up, she will benefit more from not going until next year instead of being held back in a later grade.

But on the flip side, there are many kids who go to school on the state’s schedule, regardless of late summer birthdays, and do just fine.  Plus, the Bridge program is expensive and I don’t really want to spend the money if it will make no difference anyway.

Her teacher’s say that they were worried about her in the beginning but that she is doing very well and even exceeds their expectations.  She reads the words they are learning, counts and is starting to add, and can write names and words just fine.  She is very artistic and forever coloring a picture for someone.  She can tie her shoes and most importantly, she is SUPER excited about Kindergarten.

Socially, she plays with everyone in her class and does not discriminate whether boy or girl.

Emotionally, we have the typical issues with tantrums, she fights bedtime tooth and nail, and she gets really angry when she is tired.  But, in talking to others, I have learned that is probably her age and quite normal.

So, now the decision is mine.  Hold her back now, in preschool and make her the oldest in the class instead of the youngest?  Or let her go and pray that she can keep up on all levels?

And I have no idea what to do.

Decisions SUCK!