Ok – how bored is America?

I just saw that Bristol Palin and her partner are receiving DEATH THREATS on Dancing With the Stars?

Really?  Are you kidding me?

Look – I realize that there is a ton of controversy over this woman making the finals of this show.  I understand that.  I, personally, think that she is as deserving as anyone to be there.  I have enjoyed watching her come from a closed up, scared to death, young single mother with no idea how to dance, to a woman sure of her steps and letting it all hang out.  Despite her mother’s political position.  Despite her personal choices.  Despite that she is a little less of a “showman” than the other contestants.

She has worked as hard as everyone else and deserves credit for continuing to be a contender on the show.

I am truly amazed at America’s outrage in her position on a dance show!  From accusations of voter manipulation – really? – to a man shooting his television set because she made the finals.  Her dancing has brought out the insanity over something so unimportant.

And now she and her partner have been sent death threats???  W O W!

Have we all gone completely bonkers?  Why are you sending her death threats?  She doesn’t vote for herself!     She can’t help that she continues to be supported by those that vote!  And if you can’t be bothered to vote -then, please – hush your mouth!  If you don’t have the respect to vote, you don’t have the right to complain!

Can’t it just be that enough people are rooting for the pregnant teenager who was thrust into the spotlight because of her mother’s decisions and is showing that even a receptionist can hang with the big dogs?  And those people are impressed enough with her footwork and constant determination that they are actually taking time to *gasp*  vote?

This is ridiculous, it really is.  Can nothing just be pure entertainment and not be controversial or be the product of a conspiracy theory?  Can’t we laugh with Kyle, celebrate the perfection of Jennifer, and rally for the underdog without turning it into a national controversy?  Can’t we just loosen up and realize that the outcome of this show does not affect us or our American lifestyle in any way?

Anyway, this is just my 2 cents.  I love the show and am sorry to see it go for another season.  But who knows, maybe in season 12 they will hear my plea and let me be the mom plucked from randomness and ridiculed for my lack of weight loss over the season!

One can dream.