This week I have been purging my office in an effort to ‘reset’ the karma in the house after my divorce.  In that effort, I am coming across the old birthday invitations and photos. 

daughter birthday card

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I found my daughter, Sarah’s, first birthday card.  I wrote it myself and have always been sort of proud of it and think it is the perfect daughter birthday card.  So here it is below…  feel free to ‘borrow’ it for your daughter… or son!

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What it says inside:

‘A year ago I let out a cry,

To announce to all that I had arrived.

With smiles and hugs and kisses galore,

I have blessed my family with so much more.

With a tooth and a strut and a little more hair,

I will celebrate my first year

And hope you will be there’

Not too bad for a simple mom, huh?

Do you have favorite card you have created?  I would love to hear all about them!

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