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If you love Mexican food and exploring all Houston Texas has to offer, have I got a must try place to add to your bucket list!  Cyclone Anaya’s is a Texas legacy!  You can enjoy amazing homemade Mexican food.  Cyclone Anaya’s, in the restaurant biz for over 40 years, is keeping its traditions alive — homemade recipes and real family hospitality. Their most popular and delicious items among locals and tourists are: Lobster Enchiladas, Carolina’s Mixed Grill and bottomless mimosas from the weekend brunch menu. There is no doubt your belly will be full all day from brunch, lunch, dinner, happy hour and drinks at Cyclone Anaya’s.  If you go away hungry, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Cyclone Anaya's Restaurant - CityCentre - Houston #GoHouston

So where did Cyclone Anaya’s get their name?  If you are unfamiliar, Cyclone Anaya was a professional wrestler, who became Mexico’s champion at the young age of just 17!  He came to the United States not too long after, making quite the entrance into the pro-wrestling arena.   He was an award winning, excellent wrestler who became a legend, winning the hearts of millions upon millions of fans.

Cyclone Anaya's Restaurant - CityCentre - Houston #GoHouston

While he was a wrestler, he met and fell in love with the former Miss Houston, Carolina, his wife of over 50 years.  After accomplishing many title wins and five children, the Anaya family made the decision to open up their restaurant in Houston.  Just like Cyclone Anaya himself, this restaurant is a Texas legacy.  Carolina’s original, delicious dishes are served daily.  Keeping tradition alive, the Anaya family gives Texas and our nation the mouthwatering taste of homemade Mexican cuisine that gave them the fame that lives on today.

Cyclone Anaya's Restaurant - CityCentre - Houston #GoHouston

The atmosphere at Cyclone Anaya’s is definitely warm welcome all who enter, serving you with real family hospitality and deep seated traditions. They are honored to serve us ‘the Cyclone’s Way’.

Cyclone Anaya's Restaurant - CityCentre - Houston #GoHouston




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