Today’s craft was so much fun!  I loved that we used our imagination and creativity to turn a boring summer hour into a creative time!

I purchased, at the dollar store, three Paper Stained Glass Animal kits.  They are right in the craft area and were $1.  I got a fish, a dog and a butterfly!

Megan chose the fish, Sarah chose the puppy and Katie the butterfly.  We followed the directions and glued the pieces together -careful not to use too much glue – and then I took a paintbrush and brushed the inside of the “glass” with a thin layer of glue.  The girls used the thin pieces of paper and added the “stained glass”.

That was all the instructions asked us to do.  But I took it one step further and had them glue their animals to a large piece of construction paper.  I then asked them to draw the animals “habitat”.  We sparked a conversation about all of the things that can live around these animals!

It was a ton of fun and so easy!

I would recommend using glue sticks if you have them.  Then the kids could do more of the gluing!

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