Just in time for Valentine’s Day!  The PERFECT gift for you, your best friend, your teenage daughter, your mother, your grandmother, your wife, your girlfriend, or any other person that needs a quality product that is fun – and safe – to use! Meet Coolcare.tv and it’s amazing line of products!

I received my Cool Care Double Wall Mount – made of stainless steel – and my Mini Flat Iron with Carrying Case yesterday!  Yes, it is a two piece set!  You get the Mount AND the Mini Iron and Carrying Case!  How cool is that? I grabbed the drill, my box of goodies, and ran to my bathroom!

I installed the Wall Mount in about 27 seconds.  It is that easy!

I took my hairdryer, my flat iron, and my brand new Mini Flat Iron and placed it in the Double Wall Mount!  And- wala – my once cluttered counter, entangled cords and all, was clean and able to be used for more important things – like my coffee!

More importantly, my kids could no longer reach up, grab the cords, and put themselves in danger by playing with a tool that is definitely a danger to them!

 That makes me very happy indeed!

I took a shower this morning and excitedly got busy using my new tools!  I love this thing!  Usually, I have hair dryer cords hanging down the sides of the cabinets,   flat irons cord intertwined with it, and am having to stop to untangle so that I can have range with the hair tool. Really, the bother keeps me from even fixing my hair most days.

In addition, my kids are always in my bathroom when I am trying to get ready.  There was no stopping to make sure they were not pulling on the cords or that they were about to pull a hot flat iron onto their heads.  I simply placed the hot hair dryer and the hot flat irons (while on), into the Wall Mount for safety.

I managed to get my hair dry and fixed with three little girls playing around me.  That makes this product a solid WIN for me!  And I know that all of my friends, especially the mothers, would LOVE to have this in their bathrooms.

The Double Wall Mount is not intrusive, solves counter top issues, keeps these items out of valuable cabinet space, and keeps your children safe from unnecessary burns and mayhem!

And the Mini Flat Iron is perfect for quick fixes and bangs!  I can not wait to pack it up in my purse on nights out with the hubby so I can look great all night long!  It is so small, it will easily fit in my small purse!  A definite necessary product for any woman out there!

Here are some more facts about Cool Care Products!

‘…An average year approximately 7,700 children under the age of five suffer burn injuries requiring hospital emergency room treatment due to touching hot curling irons?’

‘Have you ever left the house and wondered if the curling iron was still on? Now you can have total peace of mind. COOLCARE keeps your loved ones and property safe from harm.

COOLCARE is safe to use and keeps CHILDREN SAFE FROM BURNS and extinguishes any fire danger.

COOLCARE makes a great gift for family and friends. And this is a gift that may even save them from a burn or save their lives!

COOLCARE has two wall-mountable models (directions, inserts, and mounting screws included) that safely hold two hot curling irons. A hook for a blow dryer is located underneath for easy access, creating a one-stop hair care center.’

Now for the nitty gritty details on how to get your very own Double Wall Mount and Mini Iron, or the Counter Top Holder – that never tips over – or any other item from the Cool Care line of great products!

Buy Them!

Simply go to CoolCare.tv or americanbeauty.ws, scroll to the product you are interested in and buy it!  

Win It!  

CoolCare has generously offered one of my readers the Double Wall Mount AND Mini Curling Iron set with the matching storage bag!  A $60 value (with shipping)!  
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