The holidays are coming and coming fast!  Faster than I can keep up with!  Between food and gifts and planning trips, I am running around like a mad woman.  

One of my most time consuming projects during Christmas time is to shop for pretty holiday dresses for my girls.  I have to load my three girls up, head to the stores – which are overcrowded this time of year – deal with them telling me they like the most unattractive outfits they can find, try to get them to stand still long enough to search through the racks, pull them to the check out line, overpay for dresses I don’t really like because I was in a hurry, and then load them in the car and hear, “I wanted the red one!” all the way home.

This year, I just don’t have the time or the energy to do it.

So, I am shopping my favorite new online store,! is fantastic!  I can leisurly shop in my pajamas late at night with no one around for dresses, tights, shoes, headbands, bows, coats and more!   And when I get it delivered to my door, within a  few days – I might add – my kids are happy and there is no fighting!

And the site is so easy to use!  

Just go to and start shopping!

I spent some time searching around for other things that has to offer before I settled in on little girl dresses.  They have a huge line of school uniforms, toys, shoes, accessories and more!  All at extremely affordable prices – at least compared to what I see in stores!

After playing mental dress up for my kids, I settled in on the ‘difficult’ task of choosing Christmas dresses for my girls.  ‘Difficult’ only because I wanted them ALL!   And all of the accessories to go with them!  Throughout it all, I simply could not get over the prices!

See my entire shop below:

I finally decided that I would stick with the same color scheme and type of dress-  black, red and white with a flare out kind of skirt – I started ordering.  Megan would have Dollie and Me Twice as Nice Dress so that her precious baby doll could match her, Sarah would have the Youngland ‘Cavaletto’ Dress with Carnigan and my big girl, Katie, would get the Youngland ‘Kidgerbery’ Dress.


Do you know that all three dresses were less than $65.00?  I mean, seriously, I was standing in a store the other day holding one dress that was not even that pretty, and it was $39.99 alone!  I was very excited about my choices!

But I could not leave the website without picking up some more great deals so I snagged character embellished hat and glove sets for all three girls and Hello Kitty headbands for them all as well!

My total bill for 3 Christmas dresses, 3 hat and glove sets and three headbands was just $100 (free ship code FSALL99)!  I can not remember the last time I got out of a store, on foot or online, for $100 and had gotten what I need for all three children!

And when I got the box of goodies, I was permanently sold on the website and the quality of the merchandise!  The dresses are very well made and fit exactly to the sizes I chose.  That sometimes does not happen when ordering online, but it did in this case!  All three girls look beautiful in their dresses and they are even wearing them in our Christmas cards!

See what I got here:


Since it is 81 degrees here in Houston, the hat and glove sets have been put away as Christmas presents, along with the Hello Kitty headbands!  But the dresses are hanging in my girls closets, ready to be shown off to everyone on Christmas Day! is my new online shop for my kids clothes, from jeans to shirts to jackets to socks and tights!   And since, when I refer a friend and they spend $50 on the site, I get $10 for myself, I have a feeling I will be shopping for a long time to come!

**This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #collectivebias #CBias.  All writings and opinions are 100% mine.  Please see my Disclaimer/ Privacy Policy for more information.**