I think one appliance that we all sort of overlook when we think of upgrading is or hairdryer.  I, for one, still have the one I had 10 years ago despite the upgrades and the knowledge that new technology is better for the health of my hair!  So I am STOKED to have gotten the Conair Infiniti Pro from Coniar!


My number one happy point about this hairdryer is that is really does dry 50% faster than my old one.  And with less heat!  Plus, it has almost eliminated my need for my flat iron.  I am getting smoother, silkier, frizz free hair JUST from a hair dryer and the Conair Retractable Bristle Brush!

Using Ionic technology, this professional grade dryer is powerful, lightweight and easy to use.  I love the true cold shot button that locks in my waves and keeps it lasting longer!


Check out the entire line of Conair Infiniti Pro dryers at ConairDryer.com!

Another item I LOVE is the Conair Retractable Bristle Brush!  First off, it works great.  It grabs my hair and is easy to use with the dryer to create smooth curls.  But my favorite part is that I can push a button to retract the bristles and remove any wayward hairs twisted around it!  BUT, when you retract the bristles during the drying process, it immediately releases your hair leaving your curls soft and smooth and more permanent!  How cool is that?


Everyone needs to have one of these so thanks to the amazing people at Conair, (1) of my readers will WIN a Retractable Brush!  Just enter below!

Be sure to connect with Conair and check out the new Infiniti Pro dryer!  I bet you will love that you upgraded your dryer with such an amazing dryer!

**I received the dryer and brush for review purposes only.  All writings and opinions are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**

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