Get ready to LAUGH!

I have never seen the show Community.  It comes on at a time when my girls are headed to bed and I always forget to set it to prerecord.  But I have frends who watch it faithfully and rave about it!  So, when I was offered a chance to preview the Community Christmas Special airing tonight, at 7 pm CST, on NBC, I jumped at it.  I am so glad I took the opportunity!

We follow Abed, who, along with the rest of the cast, is a claymation, on his quest to find the meaning of Christmas.  In a musical journey, he travels with his cast mates to the North Pole.  Fighting against a “wizard” that is supposed to be a therapist, he escapes the tricks and traps meant to stop him on his quest along the way.

I love the quick wit and satire displayed, paired with the holiday spirit, and hysterical attempt at political correctness.  The cast works well together and the episode moved fast, but fluently.  The message of the episode is warming and endearing.

This is a definite “WATCH” this evening.  Though be careful of small ears…  there is one curse word.

Please enjoy the episode and come back and tell me what you thought!  I would love to hear your opinions too!