I live on an acre of land in a 30 year old house with lots of single pane windows that ants and other annoying pest can get into.  I do my best to keep them at bay and treat what I can but I worry constantly that ant sprays are not good for my young children to be exposed to!


So I am SUPER excited to learn how to kill ants easier and safer with Combat Source Kill Max Ant Gel and Combat Source Kill Max Ant Bait!  Offering a cleaner alternative to ant sprays that can go just about anywhere, the gel and bait pack are easy to use and effective!

In fact, I tested them myself!  I was most excited about the gel because it is an instant gratification product!  I have the most issues with ants coming in one of my living room windows.  I am not sure what they are coming to see – since I never, EVER have food particles hidden under my couches {my kids never spill a thing!} – but they form a steady stream at least once a week and come in to look around.  I think they are casing the joint but I have no actual proof of that!

In any event, I have laid bait outside under the window and sprayed the line inside the house and it seems fruitless.  Plus, I can not stand that I am spraying a chemical near a surface that my children sit in.  It’s just not smart!

So, last week, I noticed my little army coming in once again.  Could have been the stray Rice Krispies that I missed in my vacuuming of the dropped bowl the day before, who knows.   I grabbed my Combat Source Kill Max Ant Gel and attacked!  I was super impressed with how easy the product comes out of the tube and how cleanly it is applied.  One line right along the baseboard and I saw little ant after little ant go in it.  It did not take long for the line to dissipate  and for the smile to grow on my face!


After they were gone, I noticed that the gel was too!  I did wipe the area just because I wanted to get any excess that I could not see but it just seems to evaporate with a time.

Since then, I have placed a Combat Source Kill Max Disc in the area and I have not seen another trail of ants to date.  Inside the discs is yummy ant chocolate that they take back to their colony.  As it spreads throughout, they all go to ant chocolate heaven thus eliminating their ability to invade my house!

I am so excited to have these safer and cleaner ant killing products in my home!  Not only do the eliminate my need to spray ant killer in my house but they are easy to use and really work!

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**I received the products discussed for review purposes only.  All writings and opinions are my own.  Please see my disclosure statement for more information.**

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