I am really trying to get healthier.  In fact, I am doing well in some areas, but not so well in others.  One thing I am trying that I never have really before, is supplements.

I prefer natural ones to synthetic ones and I like it when I can tell a difference fairly soon after taking them.  I know it is a tall order as my body gets used to them, but I still expect it.  I am an “instant gratification” kind of gal, after all.

So when Neocell, a leading company in natural supplement and skin care industry asked me if I would like to try theirs, I accepted happily.

I was given the opportunity to try their Collagen + C Pomegranate Liquid.  Sweetened with agave nectar, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the rich liquid tasted pretty good.  Sort of like Prune Juice, I think.  I would wake in the morning, take a tablespoon before I ate, and then go about my day.  The supplement, however, can also be taken at night, after 3 hours of not eating, right before bed for weight maintenance as well.

But one day, I was doing my dishes and my neighbor came over with her father.  He is about 75, still dances in the “honkey tonk” every Friday night, and gets around like a 60 year old!  He saw the bottle of Collagen+C Pomegranate Liquid and asked what it was.  I told him that it was an all over body health supplement that I was enjoying and excited to try.

He started talking about how he needed something to help him too.  He had aches and pains that made him not want to go to the “honkey tonk” and he really wished he could afford to take something for his daily pains.

I handed him the bottle.  After all, what better test subject than someone who really needs it that much?  And since, as a lot of retirees are, he is on a fixed income, I knew the small price of the bottle might still be out of reach for him.  He, very gratefully, took the bottle home and reported back that he was taking it every single morning and actually looked forward to it!

I gave him a few weeks, asked his daughter, my neighbor, if he was still taking it, which she always said he was, and then had her call him and ask him what he thought.   I think he gave the best response I have ever heard for a product review:

“Well, it tastes real good and I ain’t hurtin’ anymore.”

So now, my neighbor and I both are buying bottles.  Because if HE says that he feels better and he can tell the difference, then it is bound to work on making us both feel better and aid in our over all body health too.  In the end, I am a little – err – jealous that I gave it to him.  But he really needed it and my neighbor and I are going to keep him supplied as well!

So, based on an 80 year old man’s one sentence review, Neocell’s website’s testimonials of other users, and my own few day experience where I really liked it, I give this product a joyous YEA!

Neocell offers other natural supplements as well!  If you are not a liquid person, try Super Collagen+C 120 Tabs for healthy nails, hair, tendons and ligaments.  Or if you are worried about heart health, check out their Resveratrol Antioxidant.

They even have tabs for my dog, who is getting a little older and a little slower.  I am really interested in seeing if Neocell’s ArthroPet Tabs would help him move a little more!  There are just so many options to choose from to fit every supplement need!

AND, because of the wonderful people at Neocell, THREE (3) of you can win a bottle of Collagen+C Pomegranate Liquid 12 ounce bottle to try for yourselves!

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