Let’s face it, the closets in our houses have their good days and their bad days.  Mine have seen more good than bad lately and I need to take some time and literally throw everything into a donation bin and be done with it!

But, really, without some serious organizational skills, they will just end up the same in no time.  So when I see that companies like ClosetMaid offer affordable  quality closet and space organization options, I am all over searching or what will help me!


I have one pesky, oddly shaped closet in the hallway that gets everything from my paper towels supply to sheets and blankets.  It is always cluttered and because it is so deep behind the wall on one side, I lose things in it easily.  It has a stackable shelf in it but it is small and does not hold much.  I once attempted metal shelves but they were flimsy and cumbersome.

So, from ClosetMaid, I chose the Selectives Starter Kit to see if the really tall shelving unit could help me get this closet organized and keep it this way.

I received the unit in no time and quickly realized I needed help putting it together.  I mean, I could have done it – it as not hard to do – but I have three kids who wanted to ‘help’ and it was just easier to call on my neighbor’s son for his help.  Sure enough, as I occupied the kids, he had it up and done in less than an hour.  And that is with a 30 minute discussion on where the shelves should go!


As he took down the old metal shelving and slid this into place, I could already tell that it was a superior product to what I had had.  Plus it is really TALL so my closet suddenly because usable to the ceiling.  And the ‘dead space’ behind the wall became open and perfect for storing things I don’t use all the time.  I don’t have to worry about things falling off the shelf and cluttering that space.

I am so excited about ClosetMaid and the wide variety of products that are easy to assemble and use in my weirdly shaped closets.  Also, I see a TON of stuff perfect for my kids closets too.

There are so many very cool things on the site to help you perfectly design your closet.  You can choose your skill level on being able to assemble the product, the perfect size and material for your closet and design them per room.  I have redesigned all of my closets so far!


Do you have a closet that is in dire need of organization?  Check out all of the options available from ClosetMaid and get your life organized once and for all!

So, who wants a new closet?  Head over to the ClosetMaid Facebook Page and enter the Love Your Closet Sweepstakes!


And because ClosetMaid wants you to revel in your organized closets, (1) of my readers will WIN the same unit I received.  Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

**I received this product for review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**

Closet Maid Selectives Starter Kit