I love meal time in my family.  Always have.  I think I just crave the time together with family, friends, and my children.

One of my favorite meals to make for my family is Coke Can Chicken.  It is a spin off of Beer Can Chicken.  One night, I decided that I wanted a sweeter flavor to my meal, something a little different to taste, so instead of the standard can of beer, I took a Coke Classic and hoped it would be as good as I thought.

The recipe I used is a mismatch of my own  use of proper recipes.  That is generally how I cook anyway.  Take several ideas from each one and create something new and fun!

Here is – sort of – what I did.  No standard measurements…  sorry!

I took a whole chicken and removed the neck and innards.  I drizzled some Olive Oil over the chicken and rubbed it in, making sure I got the cavity as well.  I salted and peppered the bird and then added some grill seasoning to the mix.  Sounds weird, I know.

I then placed the chicken on my stand that held half a can of Coke Classic.

I put Mr. Bird on my pit just off the direct heat of a medium flame and walked away.

About 45 minutes to an hour later, I checked him.  His outside was crispy and the juices ran clear!  I took the chicken in, let him rest about 15 minutes and then removed him from the Coke can.


The chicken was so tender and so flavorful that I could have eaten the whole thing!  The Coke seemed to sweeten the meat just slightly and cast a nice balance to the spiciness of the grill seasoning.  It was wonderful!

My husband gobbled it up with no hesitation.  There was no need for additional seasonings, a gravy, or any other embellishment.  The chicken was amazing!

But the reason I remember that meal so clearly is more for the startling event that happened during it!

Katie was about 3, Sarah was 2, and Megan was a newborn.  They loved their fruits and vegetables but never took a liking to meats.  Even baby food with meat never interested either of them.

So my husband and I are happily slurping and shoveling and smiling our way through dinner when Katie says, “ME!”.

“Do you want some chicken, baby?”


I cut up some of mine and put it on her plate.  When Sarah saw this, she started pointing.

“Don’t waste it Lori, they won’t eat it!”

My husband was right.  They never liked meat… no matter the kind.

But I watched as Katie slowly picked up the chicken, looked at it inquisitively, and placed it in her mouth.  And the she did it again!  And again until every last bit was gone and she asked for more!

Sarah, trusting her sister, devoured hers as well!

To this day, one of the only meats the girls eat is Coke Can Chicken!  And that is OK with me.

Because every time I make it, it brings up a classic memory!

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