**Recipe By Beth**

Creating something different and special this Easter is all about the kiddos; and these chocolate covered cream filled cake eggs are delightful for everyone!  We love to bake special treats for holidays and finding just the right dessert is always our plan. This recipe came from my personal love for chocolate cream filled eggs. I wanted to create something that even my children would love!

Chocolate Covered Cream Filled Cake Eggs

Start by preparing your favorite chocolate cake mix per package directions. We used a dark chocolate cake mix for these chocolate covered eggs. Allow the cake to cool and cut in 1/2″ layers.  Using a handy egg shaped cookie cutter, cut out the egg shapes. These do not have to be fancy. We simply used an oblong open egg from the dollar store.

Chocolate Covered Cream Filled Cake Eggs

For the middle cream, I used this amazing butter cream recipe and used a touch of yellow food coloring in 1/2 cup of the icing to create the “yolk” of the center.

Layer your egg shaped cakes pieces on a piece of wax paper (sprayed with nonstick cooking oil) approximately 2″ apart.  Pipe a ring of white butter cream around the edge, and one yellow dollop in the center. Add your top egg shaped cake layer.

Melt your chocolate in a double boiler over low heat until silky smooth. Drizzle your chocolate over each cake and smooth with a frosting spatula to fill any side holes.  Allow to the chocolate to cool and harden before removing the cake eggs. Using a thin edge lifter, slowly lift each egg to place in a container.  These are nice to make the day before your special event, not having to worry about getting everything baked in the same day!

These eggs are so cute and super fun to make! You just might want to hide a couple of them from the kiddos for yourself!

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