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A month or so ago I was honored to give away a CHILLAFISH BMXie Balance Bike. My winner, Elizabeth, gave it to her 2 year old son for his birthday. My kids learned to ride their bikes with no training wheels by starting out on a balance bike. One of my reviewers, Beth, also shared her thoughts on a CHILLAFISH BMXie Balance Bike!

CHILLAFISH BMXie Balance Bike Review

The awesome thing about balance bikes is that they let kids learn to balance without the concern of peddles. Since balancing on a big bike is the key to riding one, balance bikes promote the awareness in little kids to stay upright. If they happen to fall, it is a small fall and they generally get right back up and start again.

Even though all three of my girls can ride bikes now, we still pull out the balance bike and play on it.

When I got the red CHILLAFISH BMXie, I handed it over to a friend who has 4 daughters. She has two that can ride but two smaller ones that are a little scared of bikes. Her husband put it together in no time and said assembly was pretty easy.

She said it took little convincing to get her little ones on the bike because it was so pretty and fun looking. In the last few weeks that she has had it, she has watched as her girls have gone from a fear of bikes to riding it all over the place! As you can see, the bike is a huge hit with her sweet girls!

CHILLAFISH BMXie Balance Bike Review

Teaching kids to ride a bike can be hard. But with CHILLAFISH you can take the fear of learning to peddle, brake and balance all at once and break it down into learn-able parts. Taking the peddles away makes a difference.

In adidtion, CHILLAFISH bikes are built to last. Our balance bike has been passed from neighbor to neighbor and always comes back looking like new and holding up great!

Get your little one a CHILLAFISH BMXie for the holidays and watch their confidence soar!

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